Dosimeters and Dosimetry Equipment

Dosimeter Samples16024CALLCall for Quote
Bendix5 Dosimeter Charger1CALLCall for Quote
Bendix5Dosimeter Charger1CALLCall for Quote
Bendix5bDosimeter Charger3CALLCall for Quote
Bendix906-1Dosimeter Charger985Buy Now!
BicronRadiographerGM Dose Rate Meter1400Buy Now!
Canberra1150Portable Plus1CALLCall for Quote
CHPEarbuds to be paired with electronic dosimeters57CALLCall for Quote
CHPSnap Slip RingsSnap Slip Rings544CALLCall for Quote
CI6000NIM Bin1CALLCall for Quote
DragerMiniWarn1CALLCall for Quote
EberlineESP-2Eberline Smart Portable1400Buy Now!
EberlineHP-100A2300Buy Now!
EberlineRO-2A PartsMeter for Parts2400Buy Now!
EberlineRO201CALLCall for Quote
EverlinePCM 1b*Card Gauge0CALLCall for Quote
F&JLV-14MENEVER USED. Standard Low Volume Air Sampler 230 V/1/4 H.P. mobile rotometer style air sampler featu11495Buy Now!
FermiRings5743CALLCall for Quote
Fisher184Isotemp Muffle Furnace1CALLCall for Quote
Guard lineThermo Cooling Vest Insert4CALLCall for Quote
Harshaw1110Blue TLD Carrier Card537CALLCall for Quote
Harshaw1110 QC & Gold CardsPurple & Gold TLD Carrier Cards120CALLCall for Quote
Harshaw22-11Green TLD Dosimeter 7CALLCall for Quote
Harshaw7776_3.6MILE3TLD Carrier Card14799CALLCall for Quote
Harshaw7777Green TLD Carrier Card100CALLCall for Quote
HarshawDXT Rad Carrier CardGold Extremity Carrying Card100CALLCall for Quote
HarshawEnvironmental TLTLD277CALLCall for Quote
HarshawTLDChipstrate Carriers5802CALLCall for Quote
HarshawXD-100Chipstrates & Blue Carrier Card200CALLCall for Quote
Industrial Electronic Hardware5bDosimeter Charger11CALLCall for Quote
Industrial Electronic Hardware5BDosimeter Charger1CALLCall for Quote
Industrial ScientificTMX410 holderholder3CALLCall for Quote
Industrial ScientificTMX412/SP402Folding Probe1CALLCall for Quote
Jordan Electronics5Dosimeter Charger25CALLCall for Quote
Jordan Electronics5aDosimeter Charger7CALLCall for Quote
Jordan Electronics5bDosimeter Charger25CALLCall for Quote
Ludlum30350Buy Now!
Ludlum4260-0796in Lead Collimator1175Buy Now!
Merlin Gerin DMC100Electronic Dosimeter (for parts)3CALLCall for Quote
Merlin GerinDMC100Electronic Dosimeter1CALLCall for Quote
MicrodesignsTCA 1Thermal Curve Adapter1CALLCall for Quote
MIE9 volt power supply2CALLCall for Quote
Mirion802AT2802AT2 TLD2400CALLCall for Quote
NE TechnologyCM7Acontamination monitor1CALLCall for Quote
NE TechnologyCM7A*contamination monitor1CALLCall for Quote
PanasonicMiscellaneous TLD\'s1500CALLCall for Quote
Panasonic716Reader1CALLCall for Quote
Panasonic802802 TLD468006Buy Now!
Panasonic802AT2600 802AT2s360006Buy Now!
Panasonic807600 807s2200CALLCall for Quote
PanasonicUD-702ETLD Reader1CALLCall for Quote
PanasonicUD-710ATLD Badge System2CALLCall for Quote
PanasonicUD-798Soft Cycle System2CALLCall for Quote
PanasonicUD-798MSoft Cycle Heating Lamp Controller1CALLCall for Quote
PanasonicUD-802TLD slides6700CALLCall for Quote
PanasonicUD-802AT2802AT2 TLD6200CALLCall for Quote
PanasonicUD812-AS2812 TLDs11250CALLCall for Quote
PolymarNEW UNUSED ISA Hanger for UD-802Hanger for UD-802 dosimeter. Clear, single window, no clips10002Buy Now!
PolymarUSED ISA Hanger for UD-802Clear, Single Window, No clip for UD-802 Dosimeter2001Buy Now!
ProteanIPC-9025Alpha-Beta Automatic proportional counter with cart. Excellent condition.112000Buy Now!
Quest TechnologiesQC-10/QC-20Acoustic Calibrator2230Buy Now!
RADeCOC-812Air Flow Calibrator1CALLCall for Quote
RadosADR-1Dosimeter Reader6CALLCall for Quote
Reuter-StokesEnv. Rad. AlarmEnv. Rad. Alarm1CALLCall for Quote
SiemensACW3CALLCall for Quote
Teledyne310TLD Reader17000Buy Now!
Thermolyne47900Digital Furnace1CALLCall for Quote
TIF8803ABattery Recharger1CALLCall for Quote
Victoreen07-424Digital Densitometer II1CALLCall for Quote

Electronic Dosimeters

AlnorADR-85Dosimeter Reader5CALLCall for Quote
AlnorRAD-100RAlarm Dosimeter21720Buy Now!
AlnorRAD-101RAlarm Dosimeter420Buy Now!
AlnorRAD-80RAutomatic Alarm Dosimeter4CALLCall for Quote
AlnorRAD-85RAlarm Dosimeter1CALLCall for Quote
Canberra41277Dosicard10CALLCall for Quote
CanberraLCBPower Supply1CALLCall for Quote
CUIDV-91AClass 2 Transformer1CALLCall for Quote
Dosimeter909Dosimeter Charger1CALLCall for Quote
DosimeterDVSDosimeter Charger1CALLCall for Quote
Eberline100Digidose30CALLCall for Quote
Harshaw8866Holder Opener1CALLCall for Quote
MagneTekWDU9-1200AC Adaptor1CALLCall for Quote
Merlin GerinDM90Electronic Dosimeter307CALLCall for Quote
Merlin GerinLDM101LDM-101 for DMC-2000 dosimeters7CALLCall for Quote
MGPLED devices to be paired with electronic dosimeters52CALLCall for Quote
MGPDMC2000SElectronic Dosimeter1CALLCall for Quote
MGPLDM2101CALLCall for Quote
MGPPEA-100Pocket External Alarm7CALLCall for Quote
MGPWRM-8017Radnet to WRM Protocol Converter2CALLCall for Quote
MGP InstrumentsCTM2000Remote Monitoring75CALLCall for Quote
MGP InstrumentsLDM-210T2CALLCall for Quote
MGP InstrumentsLDM101LDM-101 for DMC-2000 dosimeters3CALLCall for Quote
MGP InstrumentsLPM-101WR2TRX Reader1CALLCall for Quote
National Instrument Co.110Impulse Sealer1CALLCall for Quote
Quantum ProductsInstadose33CALLCall for Quote
Quest TechnologiesQ-200/Q-300Permissible Noise Dosimeter6CALLCall for Quote
Quest TechnologyQ-200Noise Dosimeter1CALLCall for Quote
Quest TechnologyQ-200/Q-300Permissible Noise Dosimeter1CALLCall for Quote
RadosRAD-51TRTransdose Dosimeter5CALLCall for Quote
SiemensEPD1Electronic Personal Dosimeter73750Buy Now!

Pencil/Pocket Dosimeters

Pocket Dosimeter 5R4029CALLCall for Quote
-100RPencil Dosimeter2CALLCall for Quote
-10RPencil Dosimeter5CALLCall for Quote
-120mRPencil Dosimeter3CALLCall for Quote
-1RPencil Dosimeter3CALLCall for Quote
-200mRPencil Dosimeter19CALLCall for Quote
-500mRPencil Dosimeter4CALLCall for Quote
-5RPencil Dosimeter4CALLCall for Quote
-600RPencil Dosimeter2CALLCall for Quote
DosimeterPocket Dosimeter 5R241CALLCall for Quote
Dosimeter909Dosimeter Charger3CALLCall for Quote
Dosimeter910Dosimeter Charger3500Buy Now!
JohnsonPocket Dosimeter 1R43CALLCall for Quote
Victoreen2000ADosimeter Charger3CALLCall for Quote
WMB JohnsonCAT 6Dosimeter Charger N4CALLCall for Quote

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